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UV inkjet printer effectively solves the problem of plastic film coding

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-08

Plastic film is a kind of film made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resins. It is widely used in food, Product packaging in the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and other industries. Among them, food packaging accounts for the largest proportion, such as beverage packaging, quick-frozen food packaging, steamed food packaging, fast food packaging, etc. Plastic film has brought great convenience to people's lives.

With the advancement of the anti-counterfeiting traceability system, the demand for printing on plastic films has gradually increased. Because the material is not absorbent and the ink adhesion is very small, the plastic film coding has always been a major problem in the marking industry. The film UV cij printer is a piezoelectric high-resolution inkjet printer that uses UV ink and can print on the surface of the film. It combines the advantages of inkjet printing technology and ultraviolet curing technology, so that the ink has a fast-drying property. , Good adhesion, no plugging of nozzles, easy maintenance, etc.

The working principle of the thin-film UV inkjet printer is the same as that of the piezoelectric cij printer. It has hundreds or more piezoelectric crystals to control the nozzle plate. Each nozzle is processed by the CPU, and then a series of electrical signals are output to each piezoelectric crystal through the drive board. The piezoelectric crystal deforms, the volume of the liquid storage device in the structure changes suddenly, and the ink is ejected from the nozzle. It falls on the surface of the moving object to form a dot matrix, thereby forming words, numbers or graphics.

UV inks are generally composed of 30-40% main resin, 20-30% active monomers, and a small amount of photoinitiators and similar leveling agents, defoamers, etc. The curing principle is a complex photoreactive curing process: UV ink generates free radicals or cationic monomers to polymerize and crosslink after the photoinitiator absorbs the corresponding violet light, and it instantly changes from liquid to solid. process.

UV ink will not evaporate, and it can be quickly dried after being irradiated with a certain range of ultraviolet light at a certain frequency. When printing on materials such as plastic, film or metal, the ink adhesion is greatly improved after processing by a plasma surface processor (commonly known as an ionizer), so as to achieve the best printing effect.

The film UV cij printer can print high-precision content, such as high-quality two-dimensional codes, barcodes, Traceability codes, UDI codes, anti-counterfeiting codes, etc., are widely used in food, medicine, daily chemicals, label printing, card printing, packaging and printing, medical treatment, electronics, hardware and other industries. The UV film inkjet printer is matched with a rewinder, which can be combined into a roll-to-roll UV variable data printing system, so as to realize the variable two-dimensional code printing of plastic film packaging and the anti-counterfeiting traceability of the product.

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