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UV inkjet printer ink encounters problems and solutions

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-07

The UV cij printer often encounters the phenomenon of incomplete curing of UV ink and sticky surface during printing, and the printing effect is not ideal. The UV inkjet printer may have the following problems: 1. The power of the UV curing light source is not enough spectrum: that is, UV Whether the light emitted by the light source has the same intensity as the absorption spectrum of the ink: whether the light emitted by the light source is enough to stimulate the photochemical reaction of the ink, due to the different performance and dosage of the photosensitive agent in different inks, the light transmittance and photosensitivity of the main agent are also different. Therefore, the curing strength requirements are different. Curing speed: Curing speed is too fast to complete the curing, and too slow will have adverse effects on the ink. Such as pattern cracking, poor adhesion, etc., the curing speed varies depending on the ink. The fast printing speed of the UV inkjet printer is also the reason for the incomplete curing of the UV ink and the sticky surface. At this time, the printing speed of the UV cij printer can be reduced.

2. Aging of UV lamp As the electrode of the lamp gradually decomposes, the inner wall of the lamp becomes black, and the transparency and transmittance of ultraviolet light gradually weaken. Therefore, the UV lamp should be inspected and replaced regularly, and the lamp cover should be cleaned. 3. The curing speed of UV ink itself is slow. Light curing refers to a certain photochemical reaction of the ink under the effective irradiation of ultraviolet rays, so that the ink becomes liquid and solidifies to form a pattern.

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