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UV inkjet printer manufacturers introduce the installation method of UV inkjet printer nozzles

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-29

UV cij printers are widely used in industries such as labels, pharmaceuticals and health products, bottle caps, electronics, food packaging, and carton printing. UV inkjet printers are becoming more and more widely used in the market. Let’s introduce how to install UV cij industrial inkjet printer heads: 1. Make sure that the UV inkjet printer operation, the ground connection of the machine and the power supply voltage of the nozzle are normal. You can use the measuring table to test whether there is static electricity in the main parts of the machine. 2. Use the software to test whether the UV inkjet industrial inkjet printer operation, grating readings and indicator lights are normal. There should be no sweat or water vapor on the operator's hands, because once the nozzle is plugged into the nozzle line plug, it may cause the nozzle to short circuit.

3. Check whether the data plug-in line of the universal UV inkjet printer head has raised pins and whether it is flat. It is best to use a new plug-in line and plug it into the print head. Do not be slanted firmly. The scale of the nozzle line is generally divided into two sides, one side is in contact with the circuit, and the other side is not in contact with the circuit. There should be no mistakes in the direction. After inserting it, you must check it several times to confirm that there is no problem. Install the nozzle on the trolley frame. . 4. After all the nozzles of the UV inkjet industrial inkjet printer are installed, check that there is no problem and turn on the power. It is best not to turn on the nozzles. First use the ink pump to draw the ink, and then turn on the nozzle power. First check whether the flash spray is normal. If the flash spray is normal, the installation is successful. If the flash spray is abnormal, turn off the power immediately and check carefully for other problems. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, please contact the after-sales personnel immediately, who will come to install and debug.

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