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Uv laser laser engraving machine application advantages in the industry of mouse and keyboard

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-03
In today's Internet is rapidly developing, the computer become indispensable tool in people's work and life, have a computer it is necessary to form a complete set of mouse and keyboard, the keyboard and mouse and trademark, etc. , all need to play a lot of characters on today, let's talk about uv laser engraving machine advantage in the industry of mouse and keyboard. The logo on the mouse and keyboard and characters on the keyboard keys, ICONS, traditional way of tag is ink printing technology, although also can tag, but the keyboard and mouse in our daily life and work of use frequency is very high, time grows, can appear the phenomenon of fading and discoloration, the color of the Numbers and letters on the keyboard will slowly becomes weak, affects the use of the keyboard, mouse and so beautiful, with the keyboard typing long fingers will become dark, bring a lot of trouble. Ink printing cost is high, will damage to the environment, in order to solve these problems, merchants chose to use ultraviolet laser laser engraving machine to the keyboard and mouse are marked. Ultraviolet laser laser engraving machine can quickly on the mouse and keyboard sculpture LOGO trademark, characters, Numbers, qr code, serial number, coding, anti-counterfeiting code, etc. , and sculpt character number has no fading off for a long time, the effect of resistant effect such as wear-resisting, zero consumables no pollution, thus being widely used. Uv laser laser engraving machine function and characteristics of 1, the speed of light, high quality, small focusing spot, can undertake special marking, achieve hyperfine markers; 2, heating area is small, not easily get dicating, material burning problem, etc; 3, through ultraviolet wavelength laser direct break material molecular chain, so as to show the etching pattern and text; 4, with electro-optical conversion rate is high, the nonlinear crystals have long service life, stable running, high positioning accuracy, modular design easy installation and maintenance; 5, mark green, permanent do not fade, save electricity, no consumables, saving cost; 6, small volume, simple operation, carry the humanized operating software. Ultraviolet laser laser carving technology application in mouse and keyboard is just a drop in the ocean, in the LCD glass qr code marking, punching, metal surface coating glassware surface marking, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials, and other products applications has its figure, the future it will be more and more widely in our side, for the life to bring more surprise.
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