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Uv laser laser engraving machine can be laser carving patterns on a glass surface

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-18
Uv laser marking machine for glass score is better than the general laser marking machine, laser marking machine engraving other glass products, because of the relationship between heating and glass and easy craze, cause significant damage to the glass, touch, and use of ultraviolet laser engraving machine do not have such problem, laser engraving effect beautiful, smooth and is not bound to hand. Uv laser engraving machine is the use of the laser beam on the surface of different materials for long time tag, its effect is through the evaporation of surface materials to reveal the deep material, thus carves exquisite designs, trademarks and text, is mainly used in some of the demand is higher and higher accuracy. Ultraviolet laser engraving machine is a kind of non-contact processing, processing time is short, fine lines, very suitable for pattern on the surface of the glass material or text messages. Can realize to the glass material, any complex text, graphics, images, trademarks, logos, bar code, the qr code, the production batch number, handwritten signatures and so on the fine tags, in order to improve the grade of the glass.
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