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Uv laser marking machine - bluetooth headset the laser carving machine Never fall off

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-22
Traditional identification method is the identification methods, such as silk screen printing ink, in this way the tag information on the logo design is not clear, elegant, fingers touch the process of friction and easy to fade and fall off, need to consume large amounts of material, not environmental protection, logo design information is tampered with by illegal molecules, easy to cause the trademark counterfeit trademark counterfeiting stiff, has brought a lot of trouble to manufacturer. The emergence of ultraviolet laser marking machine solved these problems well. UV laser marking machine marking stable performance and good marking effect, speed, service life is long, mark identification can be permanently maintained, not easy fuzzy wear, no consumables, environmental protection, not only save manpower and time in or on the marking effect has great advantages, so the UV laser marking machine is very popular bluetooth headset manufacturers plastic materials. Bluetooth headset laser marking machine features: 1. Domestic advanced accessories, the whole machine has good stability, marking speed; 2. Laser 20000 hours of free maintenance, no material, low cost, energy saving; Electro-optic conversion efficiency is high, the laser ( Pulse width, high peak power, long life) ; 4. Good beam quality, small focal point, which can realize hyperfine tag and a variety of complex design. 5. Laser belongs to cold light source, laser marking machine and laser cutting heat affected area is very small, won't produce heat effect. Uv laser marking machine is widely used in consumer electronics, mobile phone parts, LCD screen engraving, QR codes and trademarks, ceramic, sapphire, chips, FPC flexible circuit board micro hole drilling, cutting, biomedical glass marking, marking, and surface treatment of polymer film etc. Uv laser marking machine is belong to product of cold light source is not burned around the target effect is clear and no feel.
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