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UV laser marking machine creates different identities for livestock

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-16

Ear tag is one of the animal identifications, which is used to prove the identity of the livestock, and it is a symbol that carries the individual information of the livestock, and is applied to the ears of the livestock. At present, it is one of the most common ways to put QR code ear tags on livestock. It has an identification function. After the ear tags are worn, the information is automatically generated and entered. We can use the identification function of the ear tags to check the animals from birth to the end at any time. the entire process on the consumer side.

Laser marking of animal ear tags

The advantages of wearing QR code ear tags for animals are as follows:

1. It is beneficial to safe production:< /p>

The two-dimensional code ear tag is an excellent tool for clear identification and detailed management of a large number of livestock. Through electronic ear tags, the farm can detect hidden dangers in time, and quickly take corresponding control measures to ensure safe production. .

2. Conducive to animal disease control:

The two-dimensional code ear tag can identify the ear number of livestock with its breed, source, production performance, immune status , health status, animal owners and other information are managed together, once the epidemic situation and animal product quality and other problems occur, they can be traced back to their sources, identify responsibilities, and plug loopholes, so as to realize the scientific and institutionalized animal husbandry and improve the level of animal husbandry management. .

3. It is convenient for the state to supervise the safety of livestock products:

The two-dimensional code ear tag is an information storage element of the animal identification traceability system. Born to hang on the ear. From now on, the animal's birth, immunization, quarantine, transportation, slaughter and other file information from birth to death will be stored in the ear tag, and we can see the detailed information by scanning the QR code.

Laser marking of animal ear tags

Using a laser marking machine to mark QR codes and digital information on animal ear tags The changes are blurred, the markings are clear and beautiful, permanent, and will not fade and fall off. The laser-marked two-dimensional code livestock and poultry identification adopts the encryption industry-specific code, which has an anti-counterfeiting function, which can facilitate consumers to conduct authenticity inquiries on the animal health supervision website, and accurately query the origin of livestock and poultry, quarantine personnel and other information.

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