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Uv laser marking machine in the application of water heater plastic shell

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-22
Water heater is a kind of physical principles for a period of time through a variety of the cold water temperature rise to hot water device; In winter, almost every family is inseparable from the water heater. Uv laser marking machine is a kind of very powerful laser marking machine series of marking function, it can be to metal materials and most of the non-metallic materials are marked, it not only can be super fine marking, but also can be used for marking water heater plastic shell, has replaced traditional marking technology full advantage. UV laser marking machine is very suitable for the water heater on the plastic shell, marking design, elegant and beautiful picture and logo line, easy to fade and fall off the traditional marking method, UV laser marking machine has the durability, the thermal shock area is very small, won't produce heat effect, won't produce material burning question, will not fade and fall off. Ultraviolet laser marking machine equipment in the process of acquisition of light is very small, so in the process of damage on the surface of the product is relatively small, the effect of the whole machine is relatively stable, can work in bad industrial processing environment, also can be in a certain impact, vibration, high temperature or dust in harsh environments, such as work, a high degree of automation, can automatically tag and processing plastic shell, water heater for the production and processing manufacturer to improve the efficiency of marking speed and marking. Laser marking machine is widely used in mobile phone parts, cosmetics, medicines, food and other polymer materials packaging bottle surface markers, or flexible PCB tags, slice, silicon micro holes, cutting, biomedical ITO glass markers, capacitive touch screen, etc.
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