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UV laser marking machine prints more clearly

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-29

Why UV laser marking machine sells very well, because the focus point is small, the heat hazard area is small, and the UV laser cutting plotter can carry out ultra-fine laser engraving and material laser marking.

It is the preferred choice for customers who have higher requirements on the actual effect of the logo. In addition to copper raw materials, UV laser cutting plotter is more suitable for production and processing. People generally have a lot of logos in daily life, such as marking text and pattern designs on metal or non-metal materials, such as BMW logo, buttons on mobile phones, etc. This pattern design is identified by a UV laser engraver.

UV laser cutting plotters use particle beams to copy permanent markings on the surface of a wide variety of raw materials. The superficial layers of the overall target chemical are volatilized by the kinetic energy of the laser, and the deep layers of the chemical are prevalent. The kinetic energy of the laser can make the organic chemical and physical state changes of the surface raw materials 'hand-carve' the required pattern design text; the laser can burn part of the chemical substances, and then display the information to display the required etching process pattern design and text.

The UV laser cutting plotter can engrave metal and non-metal materials by hand. It is more suitable for places where more detail and precision are required. It is widely used in leather products, craft products, fabric laser cutting, ceramics, clothing accessories, rubber and plastic products, electronic components, raw materials for myopia glasses, medical packaging, food packaging materials, well-known pearl shell brands, communication equipment and other manufacturing industries.

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