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UV laser marking machine UV laser inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-29

External laser printing machine

Ultraviolet laser printer, also known as UV laser marking machine, is a type of laser marking machine series, so the principle is the same as that of laser Marking machines are similar, all use laser beams to mark permanent symbols on the surface of various materials.

UV laser printers are divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. The air-cooled type is suitable for working environments with a constant temperature between 0 and 30 degrees. The water-cooled UV laser cij printer is suitable for working environments where the constant temperature is between 0 and 45 degrees.

Features of UV laser printer

1. The laser spot output is extremely small, the light pattern is good, and it is suitable for fine Labels for occasions with high requirements such as graphics and texts.

2. The influence of processing heat is minimal.

3. No thermal effect and no material burning problem.

4. The beam quality is good, the output laser has high stability, the marking effect is easy to debug, and the service life is long.

5. Environmental protection, no consumables.

6. Flexible installation and easy operation.

The application range of UV laser printers

Mainly, it is especially suitable for the high-end market of ultra-fine processing. The surface marking of packaging bottles of cosmetics, medicine, food, UV plastic and other polymer materials has fine effect, clear and firm marking, better than ink Leadtech Coding and no pollution; flexible pcb Board marking and dicing; silicon wafer micro-hole and blind-hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glassware surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, Building materials, chargers, PCB board cutting, etc.

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