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Uv laser marking machine with optical fiber

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-24
Laser marking machine is already very mature after decades of development, from the gilded marking machine to picosecond marking machine, witnessed the development of the laser marking machine industry, the mainstream of the laser marking machine according to the light source on the market is divided into ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, laser marking each machine in the materials and products industry has a different purpose. Today, let's compare the two characteristics of laser marking machine. One, the core components: 1. Optical fiber laser marking machine: use 1064 nm wavelength, generally the shorter the wavelength, laser speckle is smaller, the higher accuracy, processing the smaller heat affected area, formed in the process of processing the better the results. 2. Uv laser marking machine: with 355 nm wavelength ultraviolet laser, 355 uv focused spot is very small, can largely reduce the mechanical deformation of material, the processing hot little impact. 2. Handling: ultraviolet laser marking machine processing method is different from other laser marking machine. In general, the optical fiber laser marking machine adopts physical marking machine, laser and ultraviolet laser marking machine is mainly used chemical processing method, mainly is the photochemical reaction, the two different marking machine differs laser physics processing method is mainly in the surface of the product and material processing, laser chemical processing method can be used laser material internal deep processing products. 3. Applicable fields: ultraviolet laser marking: mainly used in consumer electronics, mobile phone components, LCD screen engraved with QR code and trademark ceramic, sapphire, glass and metal or nonmetal products. Optical fiber laser marking machine, widely used in electronic components, all kinds of auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, die jewelry, tobacco and military etc many fields of graphics and text markup. As can be seen from the comparison, ultraviolet laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine play an irreplaceable role in different fields, but for manufacturing, we can choose according to the characteristics of the two is suitable for the equipment they need.
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