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UV laser marking makes food and medicine safer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-04

In recent years, the application of laser marking has become more and more close to life, and the laser industry has developed rapidly, occupying a pivotal position in chemical, steel, automobile and other industrial production. The ingenious combination of automation and intelligence has promoted the entire laser processing products. Innovation and change.

Ultraviolet laser marking is to use ultraviolet laser to directly destroy the chemical bonds connecting the atomic components of substances. This so-called 'cold' process does not heat the surroundings, but directly separates matter into atoms.

In recent years, the state's supervision of food and drug safety has also increased, and with it, people's awareness of food and drug safety has increased. The changeability of product manufacturing dates has also long been criticized by the public, with many foods and medicines being sold again after their expiration date and returned to the furnace to change the manufacturing date. The practice of small workshops has also led to unfair treatment of many large factories. The use of UV laser marking in the food and pharmaceutical industry makes it impossible to change the production date of food and pharmaceuticals. Not only making food and medicine safer, but also making consumers more reliable with manufacturers.

The UV laser marking machine produced adopts high-quality UV laser light source. Compared with the ordinary laser marking machine, the laser focus diameter of the UV end pump is smaller, and the marking effect is better. Compared with the infrared end pump, the metal has a high absorption rate of ultraviolet light, which is more suitable for precise marking on metal materials and glass materials. The narrow pulse width laser has a short interaction time with the processing material, the thermal effect is small, and the marking effect is more beautiful. Due to this feature, the UV laser marking machine has unparalleled advantages in fine marking, fine cutting and micromachining of special materials.

UV laser marking is permanent and non-repeatable, as long as the surface of the object is not severely damaged, the marking content will not be damaged. However, since the marker is a non-contact marker, the object itself will not be damaged.

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