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Uv laser play mark advantage?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-30
In recent years, the manufacturer of the product demand is higher and higher, to achieve the production process of product quality control, in the product label qr code is the common demand of high-end customers, has been used widely, will become the development trend of industry. Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to the laser marking machine series products, but its use 355 nm ultraviolet laser research and development, and it USES of third-order intracavity frequency doubling technique compared to the infrared laser, minimal focal sp 355 uv light, can largely reduce the material and processing of mechanical deformation heat effect is small, because it is mainly used for super fine marking, engraving, especially suitable for used in food, medicine packaging material marking, microporous, glass material of high speed divided and complex graphics on silicon wafer cutting and application field. Guangzhou laser printing machine manufacturer manufacturer of uv laser marking machine, which can realize products qr code identification of high precision, high speed, automatic and intelligent production efficiency, integrated solves the existing production factory. This device can automatically raw materials procurement, production process and technology, products, manufacturers, production date, batch information such as product to automatically generate qr code, through ultraviolet laser printing machine automatic marking on the product surface, realize the traceability of the product and management. To help manufacturers realize the production and control precision, improve the lean management effect. The characteristics of ultraviolet laser marking machine is the marking of high precision, fast speed, stable performance. And only need through the computer control, simple operation, can print all kinds of complex images, text, qr code, such as content, completely conform to the requirements of the existing product industry high quality mark.
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