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UV mask inkjet printer provides solutions for mask export identification

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-11
As the epidemic continues to spread abroad, the export business of masks has become more popular. However, the management of masks exported overseas is stricter. Traditional inkjet printing has been damaged and blurred, causing customers to question. In order to improve the identification of authentic masks, manufacturers can use UV printing to increase the logo, parameters, and certificates of masks. The information is not easy. Falling off, the handwriting is clear and easy to read. Next, cij printer manufacturers will share with you the three solutions for mask export identification using UV mask cij printers: 1. Direct coding on the mask: For masks, the production and processing companies need to print on the mask including: Model, GB national standard number, instructions for use, logo of the manufacturer and other information. The type of marking equipment that needs to be used here is: high-resolution UV cij printers, which can achieve large-format information inkjet coding through seamless splicing of nozzles, even when there are more than 6 lines or more, they can be in a small space. The content realizes one-time integrated coding. When the production line speed is fast, it can reach 150 meters per minute, and the resolution can reach 600DPI. It can achieve the effect of printed fonts. It looks clear and beautiful, and can provide customers with ink supply that meets national medical safety standards. 2. Coding on the mask packaging bags and boxes: all the masks we buy will be packaged, either in bags (10 in a bag or 20 in a bag) or in boxes (50 in a box or in a box). A box of 100). On these primary outer packagings, we can also see all kinds of obvious signs, including key information such as production date, specification model, brand name, shelf life, and production batch. 3. Labeling and coding on mask packaging boxes: In the packaging process, the product, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging are linked layer by layer. In each link, coding and identification are inseparable. The key information identification on the mask packaging box is to associate each batch of inbound and outbound information, and the other is to enable digital management of distribution anti-counterfeiting. The above is the solution provided by the UV mask cij printer for mask export labeling shared by the editor this time. If you have one-on-one consultation and understanding about the mask UV inkjet printer, please consult the customer service of the cij printer official website:
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