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Uv printer advantages know, do you know what, but the downside? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-25
Uv laser printing machine advantages know, do you know what, but the downside? A disadvantage: UV flat-panel printers can overcome the limits of materials: UV flat-panel printers can print products very much, have not reached to print all products, like arc products printed effect is not ideal, the equivalent of can't print. Concave and convex head high products printed flying ink, the ink is also the printing effect is not ideal, is can't print, product bump gap within 7 mm printed effect is very ideal. Special-shaped material and very thick material, in addition to the material, according to the actual situation and decide. Disadvantages. 2: UV printer speed is a bottleneck, because is inkjet printing and general requirements for printing effect and higher, the printing speed will usually relatively slowly, if you want to faster the price of that machine will be much higher accordingly. Third drawback: UV printers for a specific product surface adhesion problems, the advantages of the UV laser printing machine is can print directly on the product surface directly, but some products like metals, ceramics, glass is hard and smooth surface of the product to make a coating on the surface processing, or being strong enough. UV printers, although there are still some unsolved problems, but today technology can also be related to a mature stage, has been very much, and the UV printer clients processing technology has penetrated into every field of various industries, so the above shortcomings have won't stop it.
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