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UV printer: yi qi auspicious custom jade peace buckle transfer the wish of peace - furnishing articles

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-25
In 2013 starring ge you and other Private custom & throughout; Film fire, everyone knows that a noun & ndash; — Private custom, also let the high-end and luxury custom visibly, custom life gradually become a part of you life. Art is no longer far-fetched, has gradually become the preferred product of household and gift giving. Small make up today to introduce you to a special art & ndash; — Peace buckle. Peace buckle also called & other; Meditate on the past & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Ocean's eyes throughout the &; , is a traditional jade carving art in China, in peace, and so on, so peace buckle from ancient from JinDou is popular a jade. Peace buckle can be as decorative household items, business gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary commemorative gifts, office culture memorial gifts and so on. An elegant atmosphere of peace buckle to but have to praise, the giver must taste unique and has the connotation, also give a person with & other; Peace and good luck throughout the &; Good wishes. Private custom peace clasp, not only has more features, more can meet the demand of gift-giving occasions? Then select custom jade jade laser printing machine peace clasp what are the advantages? 1, the value & other; Price & throughout; Using jade printers, digital direct injection technology of the whole printing costs low, the customization process has five to ten times more value-added space, all left to users of the machine, enough to let the machine quantity of users, has a large profit space; 2, private custom desire is more and more intense, more convenient modern to pursue personality that jade laser printing machine is dry, it only takes a few minutes can easily can be customized to customer needs all kinds of images, characters and so on, implementation level photo print effect, which lies! Only you unexpected, can't do without it! Custom gifts, personalization selected laser printing machine! Sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569
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