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UV printers make it possible for packaging customization -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-25
China's packaging industry relative to Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries started relatively late, but there is no denying that China's packaging industry market potential is very great. With the development of the era, people constantly improve the level of consumption, a new generation of consumers in the pursuit of freedom and individuality so that they enjoy more privileges, the customized packaging market is getting better and better. So, UV laser printing machine on personalized packaging what advantages does 1, short cycle of gift packaging, the rise of the high-quality goods packaging, will inevitably need to require certain occasions, certain activities need to have different packaging. Especially in festivals, wedding banquet, and so on, not only requires strong personality, and need to customize cycle is short, strong flexibility. 2, a small batch of the current market products more and more varieties, but smaller item printing quantity, the traditional way of printing cost is relatively high. UV laser printing machine can not only satisfy the various products of high quality personalization, and can greatly save printing costs! ! ! ! A printing, speed is quick, the effect is good! Many companies do marketing, do annual symposium, customized gifts or holiday benefits, will also have a small batch of packaging requirements, UV printer can meet the needs from high-end to low-end customers of different class. The market for packaging, small orders, fast speed, show individual character, and so on demand day by day obvious, it largely make up for the weaknesses of traditional printing, let the market to meet the demand. Uv flat-panel printers use environmental printing ink, and printing process of pollution-free! ! ! ! The emergence of the printing way, let more entrepreneurs to see the new direction and new business opportunities. Want to transform? Would like to venture? Choose! ! !
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