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by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-27
UV printing machine as a kind of new equipment to upgrade, in performance compared with traditional printing machine has a big change, in both inkjet evenly extent and has a lot of improvement in use of time. So people often use it for food packaging and other products on the date of the spraying date printed on. So the UV printing machine can be used in which industry? A UV printing machine in the food industry, food industry in the use range is very wide, not only including the inside of the supermarket food but also eat at ordinary times of salt, milk and other products. As long as people can eat and need bags of food you need to use to spurt the cij printer equipments of some parameters such as the handwriting and the production date. Second, commodity consumption industry because some daily necessities of life, of course, is also larger products, so the UV laser marking machine is also often used by people in the commodity industry. For these commodities, usually need to know to some of the specifications of the products before inkjet, because the UV printing machine service and good quality, at the time of spraying and spraying commodity bar code. Three, building materials industry can know from the related introduction of UV laser marking machine design frequently used building materials industry is also a field. For building materials products, also need to use the spurt the cij printer to spray some font. Of course because of building materials products of different specifications, so in the use of equipment to spurt the code also needs to pay attention to the specifications whether adapt to spurt the cij printer, when equipment match the building materials product, can play a better effect of spraying equipment. The above is the UV printing machine using some of the industry. It is the food industry, such a diversity of products of the industry, as long as the packing bag of items is to be able to eat outside all need printing processing. Second, commodity industry, because commodity consumption is large, so also needs to have good quality printing equipment. Three is the building materials industry, building materials products have different specifications, so in the use of equipment also need to pay attention to the model.
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