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Uv purple light the laser engraving machine, laser marking machine Plastic laser engraving machine is beautiful and meticulous

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-18
Uv laser marking machine is also called the violet light laser engraving machine, using 355 - nm ultraviolet laser research and development, and small focal sp 355 uv light, can largely reduce the material deformation and mechanical processing small heat effect. Ultraviolet laser engraving machine belongs to cold light source, not burnt peripheral products, mainly used for super fine marking, engraving. Uv laser processing become cold, because ultraviolet photons high-energy molecule, the need to directly to the processing of metal or nonmetal material molecules to make it from above, but this out of led to molecules with material separation, this way of working will not generate heat, since it does not produce heat works became cold uv laser processing way. Uv laser marking machine suitable for glass, plastic, marking on it. Plastic typed without handle, the effect of content of special clear and fine. Scope of application more widely; Heat affected zone small, won't produce heating effect, will not produce the material burnt problem; Mark speed, high efficiency; The machine performance is stable, low power consumption advantages.
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