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Variable data inkjet printer helps mask manufacturers to produce

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-30

Recently, the domestic epidemic situation has rebounded slightly. There have been new confirmed cases in Beijing, Liaoning, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and other places. The local health and health commissions and epidemic prevention and control departments recommend that citizens should carry disposable medical masks or surgical surgical masks with them in outdoor and public places.

Masks have become one of the essential daily necessities this year. According to the national mask production standards, the minimum packaging of masks should have at least the production date, specification and model, product name, shelf life, and production. Key information such as batch, implementation standard number, product registration number, etc.

The production of masks is inseparable from cij printer equipment. The surface of each KN95 mask product must be printed with marking text or patterns on the surface of each KN95 mask product. In the packaging process, mask production Manufacturers will associate products, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging layer by layer, and in every link, they are also inseparable from coding and marking. The use of key information identification on the mask packaging box not only enables the association of each batch of inbound and outbound information, but also enables digital management of distribution anti-counterfeiting.

As a kind of inkjet equipment used in matching mask machine, the variable data UV cij printer can print in real time Print all kinds of variable data, including bar code, two-dimensional code, date and time, team number, counter, picture, table, database, etc.

The UV variable data cij printer can give each KN95 mask (or disposable mask packaging) an 'identity markThe shelf life, production batch, implementation standard number, product registration number, etc., and its variable data high-speed printing feature can effectively solve the problems of one item, one code, anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling, and help mask manufacturers to save production costs.

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