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Vibration affects the printing quality of the printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-03
For manufacturer users, the quality of product printing is very important, which will directly affect the entire product, so how to judge the quality of inkjet printing? Among them, vibration is also the most important factor affecting the quality of printing. Vibration will affect a series of problems, the most common are the following. Inspection Poor printing quality of the cij printer is the most common manifestation of vibration problems. The ink droplets are relatively stable during the flight. Therefore, the printing product or the vibration of the nozzle will prevent the ink dots from falling in the correct position or cause blockage. Product vibration/tilt will affect the quality of printing. The product may be tilted from one side to the other, or along the axis of the conveyor belt movement, or tilted at 90 degrees perpendicular to it (that is, along the axis of the conveyor belt). The width direction of the conveyor belt). When the product tilts and swings along the direction of the conveyor belt, it will be biased to one side and then to the other side, so that the printed characters will sometimes shrink and sometimes expand. Similarly, when the product swings in a direction of 90 degrees to the conveyor belt, the height of the character will be compressed or expanded as the product continues to swing. To know whether the high-frequency vibration affects the product or the print head, you only need to place a piece of paper under the print head, and then trigger to print a sample. Be sure to move the paper at a steady speed. If only the product vibrates, the quality of the printed sample will be very good. If the print quality is not good, it means that the vibration is likely to come from the print head.
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