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Videojet nozzle parts cleaning operation

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29
The nozzle parts need to be cleaned in daily maintenance and troubleshooting. To clean the print head components, you need to remove the print head cover. Follow the steps below. In this process, you need to close the ink line. 1. If it is in the printing state, you can use the quick shutdown button of the ink system menu in the system maintenance to close it. 2. Hold the nozzle down with the electrode part, and use a cleaning pot with a special cleaning agent to rinse the electrode part. The slits are the charging tank, the cylinder is the phase detector, and the long strip is the high-voltage deflection plate. 3. If the cleaning agent does not evaporate, the foreign matter will be recognized once it adheres, causing a warning. After cleaning, you need to use the attached manual air pump to fully dry the electrode parts. Especially the gap between the electrodes of the charging tank should be carefully dried. 4. Then execute the ink line opening operation in the ink system menu. If the ink line is normal, run the power button. If the ink line cannot enter the center of the recovery pipe correctly, immediately perform the operation of closing the ink line, and then execute the function of opening the nozzle. After performing this function, repeat the above operation. If you have any questions or problems, welcome to inquire!
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