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Videojet of flexible packaging labeling solution

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29
Videojet DataFlex Plus printing system is the latest generation of thermal transfer technology for printing on flexible packaging in this field. DataFlex Plus is suitable for batch and continuous applications, and can be flexibly adapted to the needs of production. Due to its optimized ribbon saving function, the loss between nominal continuous printing tapes is minimized to 0.5 mm.  High-resolution printing quality   Thermal transfer printer (TTO) DataFlex Plus provides high-quality printing resolution or printing labels and flexible packaging. Our printing system is ideal for marking variable data such as production date, time, batch number, barcode, nutrition table and logo. Efficient heat transfer printers are ideal for applications in the food industry, such as pasta, candy, frozen food, pre-packaged fresh vegetables, meat, coffee or various other household products and medicines.  Minimal downtime   DataFlex plus no coupling, low maintenance requirements, minimum interruption time, so high availability characteristics. The proven thermal transfer ribbon. The long ribbon and ribbon storage technology minimize the ribbon replacement and downtime of the rolls deployed in the production process. There is only 0.5 mm continuous printing ribbon between the rated losses. Changing the ribbon roll is quick, easy, and almost foolproof. More printing per roll can be achieved at a consistent image quality level.  Easy to operate   Color touch screen, intuitive graphical interface for browsing and embedded WYSIWYG for quick and convenient viewing. Reduce downtime and reduce operating costs by opening the system DataFlex plus an effective solution. The system has multiple interfaces and can control up to four printer control units.  High-efficiency thermal transfer ribbon printing quality with high resolution, USB memory stick for data transmission in packaging film, minimum operating cost and multi-function.
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