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Videojet's solutions in the alcoholic beverage industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-05
The use of small character cij printers in the wine, food and beverage industry is also very leading. With our small character cij printers, you only need to spend time on brand promotion instead of worrying about coding. We provide wine The new solutions for the beverage industry provide strong follow-up support for customers' brand building, operation and maintenance! Our small character inkjet printer is suitable for printing on different surfaces, such as irregular glass bottles, labels or bottle caps, etc. Our cij printer has fast production speed, does not need to touch the surface of the product, and can realize data Variables. The batch code or time of the product can be updated automatically, accurate to every day and every minute. For the encoding settings on alcoholic beverage packaging, we also have a specially designed inkjet system. Cartons, bottles, etc. can be used for high-speed inkjet coding. Our small character inkjet printer provides an adaptable printing solution and an efficient one. Laser marking system. You can perform coding according to your preferences to meet your needs! Our small character cij printer has a low cost of inkjet coding and can be easily integrated into one of your bottling or packaging processes. Common-sense work and an intuitive user interface can bring a lot to production. convenient!  Videojet's comprehensive technology allows you to choose the right type of code, your beer, wine or spirit, from the bright, bright ink code to separate laser-marked labels or bottles. With the largest sales and service footprint in the industry, Videojet is ready to help you identify and maintain the correct coding solution.
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