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Videojet S900 inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-10
Videojet S900 is a high-tech product that emerged from the development of cij printer technology. It is suitable for inkjet applications in the entire industry. The high-speed inkjet coding speed is far ahead of ordinary cij printers, and the production efficiency is greatly improved; high quality is imported Original accessories, 304 stainless steel shell, IP55 protection level, can adapt to various harsh working environments! Fully automatic-switch the machine to automatically clean the nozzle, automatically detect faults during operation, automatically adjust the viscosity and other automatic functions. 1. High-tech technology: The whole Videojet S900 machine has high-tech elements, which can ensure the normal operation of your production line. The nozzle can be automatically calibrated, adjusted, and cleaned automatically. The real shutdown cleaning function can make the machine do not need any treatment when it is restarted after a long shutdown. The nozzle self-opening function is convenient and fast. 2. Maintenance is simple and easy to predict: The design of Videojet S900 small character cij printer is very advanced, and the maintenance is simpler and easier to predict. The period of preventive maintenance is 12 months, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost. The built-in reminder function will automatically remind users to replace filters and other related accessories. The dynamic calibration technology allows the machine to maintain consistent coding quality in various environments. It has a nozzle heating function, adapts to different ambient temperatures, and can spray very well under different temperatures. 3. Humanized design: 1. Unique viscosity control technology makes the ink viscosity suitable for the best printing state under any environment, achieving perfect printing quality and simple ink path system. 2. Ink leakage prevention system for power failure. The professional technology of this system solves the defect of ink leakage in the nozzles after a sudden power failure. 3. The nozzle 50u/60u can be replaced for self-use, which is suitable for customers' different pursuit of font size, saving customers' fixed cost investment and easy adjustment of printing self-high. 4. Flexible installation, which embodies the greatest flexibility in design. The printer is small and light, with a built-in handle, which is easy to carry and does not require compressed air from the factory. The nozzle nozzle is flexible and flexible, which is convenient for on-site installation.
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