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Want to know about jet. the ranking top ten details introduction might as well come in and have a look

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-19
Want to know about jet. the ranking top ten details introduction might as well come in and see source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 12 - Browse 17 0

at this stage of China's rapid economic development, the identification technology has become an integral part of many industry production. Many businesses will be asked when buying spurt the code machine, printing machine actually what brand is good? In order to solve the merchants to spurt the code machine brand confusion, also in order to enable businesses to more intuitive and clear understanding of the different brands of spurt the code machine, simply by sharing with you to understand the current what are relatively well-known 10 spurt the code machine brand, still please forgive me if there is deficiency in:

one wei di jie spurt the code machine companies in the United States is second to none in the pattern in printing industry, in 1969 the first successful development and marketing, is refers to the white di jie's three brands, rich industry experience, has created wei di jie jet. the outstanding the internal structure of jet printing capability and easy to maintain. Want to know more of wei di jie cij printer can see this article, Shanghai dive as wei di jie's agents, for it has years of experience in technical service and marking project installation and debugging experience.

second marken - France In accordance with and spurt the cij printer, from France, identification technology, have very high popularity in the domestic with the brand, the industry high-end identity provider, to provide comprehensive integrated solutions to ensure product quality and safety, conform to the requirements of the regulations and retailers, excellent manufacturing processes, well-known on behalf of clients, such as Shanghai cigarette factories, in accordance with the code and 9030/9020 in 2014, such as main machine is very hot.

three British domino laser marking machine has more than 20 years of development history, is identified in the industry take the lead in China to obtain a number of system certification. And domino's asia-pacific headquarters in Shanghai, China is A domino abroad of the world's biggest manufacturing and distribution center, the operation of small characters, big characters, such as heat transfer models are very stable and reliable, known by the industry, main models for domino PLUS 2014 domino and A +, A100 +, A200 + flagship small characters such as small spurt the code machine models.

4 Hitachi spurt the code machine, and service in the field of logo printing for many years, have professional technical team and professional marketing. PX series very save consumables, stability, simple operation, is the cornerstone of the brand promotion in China, PXR series small character to spurt the code machine is divided into 65 microns nozzle aperture, 40 microns nozzle aperture type, such as the main industry pipe factory, electronics factory.

five LINX spurt the code machine, by wei di jie holding trade, industry and technology in the integration of key enterprises, the industry leader in logo printing equipment, with its 20 years of experience in logo, the laser marking machine production lines and modern management, has become one of global supplier to spurt the code machine equipment. Main machine for CJ400, 7300 in 2014, such as type, has the characteristics of high speed, software function is complete.

the six dives, KINGLEE spurt the code machine, began in 2004, focusing on the perfect logo printing of the latest technology and integration services, to 'technology starts a career, service first' the management idea, to provide professional industry printing system solutions. Factories in Shanghai fengxian, sales headquarters in Shanghai jiading. In 2014, main models for Q50 small characters spurt the code machine, three line character jet printing technology, accurate and stable, beautiful, high cost performance.

and its seven global group and spurt the code machine, imported from Germany, have the characteristics of high fidelity, customers mainly for the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical factory, food factory, cosmetics factory, and many other end users, for many years with advanced technology, high-quality products and perfect sales and service has won the recognition and trust. The price is in 90000 - Between 100000 and powerful.

the eight yards of machine, high-end imported parts assembly, and the ratio of function a lot of, in the domestic market occupies a very large customer group. Its low cost, stable performance as word of mouth. Guangzhou yi da keynote is constantly improve yourself the quality of the products and technical after-sales service level, strive to become China's first-class enterprise.

its spurt the code machine, nine in 10 years with dedication, responsibility, cooperation, loyalty, innovation, efficiency, compliance, achievement the spurt the code machine power today's reputation and status, become one of the elite in the field of printing.

the ten condi spurt the code machine, is a professional digital logo printing equipment, printing system and equipments of automatic tracking management of technology companies. Main products include: laser marking machine, printing operation platform, integrated water system, etc. , for the overwhelming majority of customers with perfect identity solutions and technical support, is committed to diversity a full range of printing products production and marketing.

all in all, in the ranking of brand of homebred ten spurt the code machine, dive, a detailed comparative analysis of the market sales are a real world factory now in China, the boundaries of imported machines and domestic machine has become increasingly blurred, import machine parts procurement in China, domestic personnel, technology, management, equipment and other domestic some core part of the machine also tend to buy foreign, so domestic and imported has been sometimes-complex mix-and-match, I have you, it's hard to distinguish between a brand is domestic or imported. So a good spurt the code machine equipment is not lies in whether it is imported, but whether their quality is 'good'. Ps: if you want to buy the appeal of the brand can contact us through encouragement, we have appealed to the brand to cij printer equipment, and security is the real thing oh ~
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