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Wear a different trend, customize different fleece -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-12
National Day the long vacation is coming soon, are you ready for the travel plan? Want everyone has its own little plan, what are you going to travel all clothes the set up? In fact, in the autumn the most personality and fashionable joker, absolute by myself to build custom hooded fleece. Fleece colour is contracted, design exquisite, also don't pick people, how to wear good-looking. Normally, a custom fleece tie-in thin gauze skirt or shorts are good choice. Not only can avoid the fleece is neglected your legs, wear a good figure. Also stick to this year's fashion elements, it is beauty beauty, travel, the mood will be better. If thinking of going to the north of the city, so wear may be slightly cool. Then you can choose to wear a custom fleece, plus a cowboy thin coat, with a languid is lazy along with the gender of the fleece and aura full marks the cowboy elements make a mix build, it is fashion. Or in position a sleeveless sweater fleece and custom fleece on the sleeve machine carefully, let you cool in the contracted with the temperament of a feeling! With product type! So how to customize different fleece? You lack of a textile laser printing machine, can make money, can customize the clothes you want again, go out don't have to worry about hitting the shirt! USES the textile printing, choose to print pictures on the computer, can be directly printed in the surface of clothes, clothes good-looking, breathable, and fashionable. Can customize large images in clothes before or after, can on your neckline or customize logo, etc, points minutes to become the most fashionable this fall that & other; Modern fine & throughout; ! Want to wear a different trend, are you ready for your to customize your own fleece? Sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569
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