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Wei in Czech VIIJET A350 small character graphic introduction spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-26
Wei in Czech VIIJET A350 small character graphic introduction jet. the source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 20 0

wei in Czech VIIJET A350 spurt the cij printer with small characters A360 A380 belong to the same series of products, in the share only introduce relevant information about the A350 small characters cij printer, the rest two follow-up is attached to share. The A350 has more simple operation and small amount of maintenance, comprehensive performance better, more outstanding. Specifically designed to meet the basic printing needs of customers, do not need to preventive maintenance work also can do the long time running. The overall adopts modular design, simple quick and easy replacement module. 640 * 480 TFT color display, so that information can see income, advanced software algorithm, and accurate positioning every drop of ink, did it in great form in highly spurts India can still achieve the perfect printing effect.

the A350 small characters spurt the cij printer has advanced performance: spray publishing for 5 * 7 lattice, the three lines ( The maximum is 25 lattice) ; Speed is 5 * 5, line 60 dpi maximum speed of 192 m/min. The nozzle for 78 KHZ; Can follow one's inclinations of convenient identification information, words, designs, date, etc. ( Ps: the machine with pattern editor) 。

to a certain extent, reduce the cost: 9000 hours of free maintenance, maintenance cycle extended to 18 months, but only the cartridge liquid delivery system that can reduce waste, reduce costs; Standard IP55 protection grade at the same time, enhance the protective performance is excellent. In addition there are other aspects of performance advantages:

1, the character height: according to the dot matrix font to choose between 2 mm ~ 1 mm.

2, spray printing distance: best spray distance of 12 mm, range between 5 ~ 20 mm.

3, keyboard: a standard computer keyboard, including 70 numeric keys, alphabetic keys and special function keys

4, data interface, RS232 and RS485, rotary encoder, alarm lamp, spray printing the output, state, USB interface

5, information storage capacity: 200, if you want to store more information can be infinitely through U disk storage

6, optional configuration: shower bracket a, photoelectric sensor suite, alarm lamp, nozzle XYZ triaxial fine-tuning mechanism, shaft encoder, upright plant

7, case size: 598 mm * 388 mm * 338 mm ( Corresponding high * * wide deep)

8, electrical requirements: - 100 200/200 - 240 vac, 50/60 hz, 120 w

9, temperature range: 5 ° to 45 ° C, relative humidity 0% 90% N, no condensation

10, intelligent ink solvent box: intelligent ink box of 750 ml, intelligent solvent box for 750 ml

above is about wei in Czech VIIJET A350 small characters spurt the cij printer is introduced, function, advantage and related graphic information sharing, to understand other aspects can consult customer service, will bring you in next time about jet. the A360 small characters related to share.
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