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Wei jie holding a spurt the code machine series product introduction

by:LEAD TECH      2020-05-26
Wei according to porsche holding a source spurt the code machine series product introduction: the site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 10 - Browse 8 0

the so-called handheld spurt the code machine according to the baidu encyclopedia is introduced to understand the above is a convenient type of spurt the code machine, from the overall appearance give a person a kind of more small, easy to carry a printing equipment. Holding a small characters compared to spurt the code machine spurt the code machine, such as high resolution jet. the online spurt the code machine there is a gap, it can carry spray printing, light, the operation is simple, does not need to connect the power supply socket, generally limited to used in the manufacturing speed requirement is not high. To spray on the size of the product is a certain demand, can spray printing trademark, in both Chinese and English, Numbers, bar codes and qr code, for different materials have different types of merchandise spurt the code machine. The following simple introduce about wei according to porsche holding a spurt the code machine advantage characteristics between different type of product have?

VIIJET wei jie V5 lightweight handheld spurt the code machine: V5 series is a convenient type of small hand-held cij printer, spray printing system with stable and reliable. USES the European and American design, the core of the imported components, import original consumables, ensure the stability machine can spray print. Has the characteristics of easy to carry, free maintenance. Interval is a cheap but high cost performance, small spurt the code machine, is one of the preferred products jet. the economic efficient. This exclusive nozzle spurt the code machine also has the protection, automatic cleaning nozzle, light is convenient wait for a characteristic.

VIIJET wei jie V6 intelligent handheld jet. the: V6 series of hand-held spurt the cij printer adopts Windows system and super touch screen real-time editing information, edit the information can be diversified use USB excuse import. Instant printing instant dry, adhesion strong, not easy to fade, waterproof resistance to friction, ink and integrated design from nozzle cleaning maintenance, use more convenient and simple. With 360 ° full printing, the operation can be adjusted between 1 ~ 8 lines, small and convenient, price concessions, easy jet printing qr code, bar code, in both Chinese and English, assembly line, batch number and other information. Ink color has red, black, blue, green, yellow, white, etc.

VIIJET wei jie V7 intelligent touch-screen handheld spurt the code machine: black aluminum shell spurt the code machine, color touch screen, no clean nozzle, light and convenient. 360 - degree printing, meet production needs. Built-in gb full word stock, pinyin input method, touch online editing, don't need to connect the computer, simple operation can be 1 - Line 8 is adjustable. Machine long 130 mm wide, 128 mm 200 mm high machine 1. 18公斤。 Wei handheld spurt the code machine can be used in accordance with the jie V7 carpentry board, carton, stone, the fiber board, light steel keel, tubing, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, and other products. Is the true of human body engineering design of handheld spurt the code machine equipment, flexible, lightweight is heavy object identification of professional tools.

VIIJET wei in Czech EBS260 Germany handheld cij printer: this EBS handheld spurt the cij printer is 4 and industry. 0 perfect fusion of a new generation of handheld spurt the cij printer, Germany has a clear spray the perfect printing effect. Be able to complete the five lines of a spray printing work, double spray printing height editor, built-in LCD touch screen. Commonly used in some logistics Courier, cable wire, metal, building materials, chemical cement, oil, elevators, used in wood, food and other industries.

appeal is related introduction about four holding a spurt the code machine, for merchants to provide a stable, reliable, comprehensive and fast jet printing effect, and one-stop solution, users can directly interested in consult customer service for details.
are an important part of the society and they come in handy in any place where there are expiry date printing machine in need of date coding machine.
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