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What are the advantages of chip nozzles for inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-27

What are the advantages of chip nozzles for cij printers?

1. Easy to replace:

The inkjet printer has a variety of nozzles, 40um, 50um, 60um, 75um nozzles of different sizes can be replaced according to customer needs (conventional conversion value 1um=0.001mm).

2. Easy to clean:

For nozzles that have not been used for a long time or are seriously blocked, compared with other types of nozzles, it is very convenient to soak or clean with ultrasonic waves after dismantling. Installation and adjustment after cleaning is very convenient.

3. Complete automatic cleaning:

The automatic cleaning is automatically executed with the fast shutdown procedure, and the cleaning agent extracted for each cleaning is quantitative (too much cleaning agent will cause the ink to be diluted by the recovered cleaning agent, causing the ink to be too light and the viscosity to decrease, so the number of times the machine is switched on and off every day) The strict limit is to prevent the excessive number of automatic cleanings, resulting in the amount of ink viscosity. Compared with the column nozzle, the chip nozzle with only a 2.5mm gem hole is easier to clean.

4. Easy to protect and fully sealed after cleaning:

For the chip nozzle of the cij printer, it is easier to seal and protect, and the patented nozzle sealing solenoid valve (right picture) plays a key role after cleaning. After cleaning and shutting down, power off the falling solenoid valve rubber head hole. Completely isolate the cleaning liquid in the gemstone from contact with the outside air, and prevent the influence of the outside world.

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