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What are the advantages of co2 laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-09

1. The metal radio frequency device imported from the United States has high stability and high quality marking effect.

2. It can mark super-length content and break through the limitation of 'marking range'.

3. Integral structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

4. Various derivative models can be launched for different industries, and the application industry is more extensive. With various production lines, it can adapt to changes in the speed of the line, and conduct non-contact, non-stop high-quality products. Laser Marking.

5. The marking is fine and the graphics effect is good. The marking graphics can be easily designed under the computer and can be engraved arbitrarily.

6. The laser marking has good wear resistance, is not easy to erase, and has strong anti-counterfeiting function.

7. A number of innovative technologies of the product bring unparalleled system performance to users, the application of the whole industry standard module design, the use of high-quality CO2 laser and its power control system. The whole process of laser processing is controlled by computer, with high-speed galvanometer system and four-volt motor with superior performance, the processing speed is extremely fast, especially when processing complex patterns, the advantages over traditional processing methods are more obvious.

8. 24-hour continuous and stable operation, simple power connection scheme, plug and play. The software is powerful and supports formats such as dxf, plt, and bitmap bmp drawn by autocad and coreldraw. 9. The power is adjusted by software, and the depth of processed products can be adjusted at will. The marking is clear, beautiful, permanent and not easy to wear. 10. Mature industrial products, domestic fast-response technical services, provide ideal new laser processing equipment for the majority of users.

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