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What are the advantages of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-27

What are the advantages of the fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine has high marking accuracy, and does not need to contact the surface of the processed item, the marking time is long and it is not easy to rub , high processing efficiency, but also has the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting, and its processing form provides more creativity for current processing and manufacturing. It is beyond the reach of traditional screen printing and pad printing machines.

In the following, we will analyze laser marking from six aspects: speed, efficiency, degree of use, operational difficulty, environmental hazards, and product requirements. Whether the overall performance of the machine is far superior to that of traditional screen printing and pad printing machines.

One. Speed

Because the laser uses a high-energy density laser beam for direct processing, it is not as complicated as traditional silk screen printing and pad printing machines, and the printing speed is fast

II. Efficiency

Laser Processing There is no need to consume consumables, and you only need to adjust the graphics file to process directly. There is no need to worry about whether the net is blocked or whether the printed graphics will have cross-sections, etc., and the efficiency is high.

Three. Degree of use

Due to the current high price of fiber laser marking machines and the influence of other factors, traditional silk screen printing still occupies the main market, and the market share is low

4. Difficulty of operation

Because the current laser marking equipment is combined with the current software control technology, it can be easily operated only through the computer, so there is no need to select the ink like silk screen printing and then place it on the In the stencil, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant operation details at the same time, and the production speed is fast.

Five. Environmental hidden dangers of use

Since the screen laser marking machine and pad printing machine need to consume consumables, it will cause environmental pollution, At the same time, it will also cause certain harm to people's health. Enhanced health protection for employees

6. Market demand

Laser marking equipment is far away due to its high processing precision, smooth marking and wide application range. Compared with the current market demand for screen printing and pad printing machines, the market for laser marking equipment will further grow.

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