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What are the advantages of handheld inkjet printers compared to other inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-23

Standard cij printers all move the product, but the inkjet printer nozzle does not move, but it is not applicable in some occasions, such as warehouse shipments, the dealer code needs to be printed, and large products such as large smooth oil drums cannot be moved. Product coding, use a handheld inkjet printer to complete the Leadtech Coding and marking of large products! The hand-held inkjet printer uses imported inks, which can be used for printing on a series of porous and semi-porous objects, including various paper, packaging, and wooden boards. The handheld cij printer has the characteristics of multi-purpose, high definition, stable function, fast printing speed, long service life, clear handwriting, low power consumption, and economical consumables. Only one consumable can save users 10,000 yuan per year.

For the products in the warehouse, if the designated area code is not sprayed on when the warehouse is loaded into the car, it is easy to get mixed goods, which is a headache for some enterprises, especially large enterprises, in the process of transporting products. Using a hand-held cij printer, through the operation platform, it controls the output of special characters, identifies the product distribution address, and then achieves the function of preventing cross-delivery. The size and weight of standard cij printers are very large. Even if a handheld device for the nozzle and a mobile device for the inkjet printer are installed, it is extremely inconvenient to use, and the efficiency is not high. The emergence of handheld cij printers has broken the convention that the cargo machine does not move. The hand-held inkjet printer is not only exquisite, but the equipment can be moved as a whole, which is convenient for the marking and printing of large-scale products.

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