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What are the advantages of inkjet printer automation?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-07

The cij printer equipment is one of the important equipment in the production process of the factory, so from the perspective of technology, the automation of the inkjet printer can improve the production efficiency, which is also our goal of innovation. So, what are the advantages of cij printer automation?

1. Reduce downtime through active monitoring

Manufacturers want code printing equipment to keep running at all times, by using a series of integrated sensors to automatically monitor the system, the automatic inkjet printer can send data Go to the cloud, so that engineers can get this information, and then can monitor the Leadtech Coding equipment and prevent any stability problems.

With this technology, engineers can also prepare the required material data files in advance in the event of a failure that needs to be repaired.

2. Enhance customer productivity through automation

The inkjet printer certainly allows the team and engineers to monitor the inkjet printer, and more importantly, the automatic inkjet printer The printer allows customers to know the current status of the automatic inkjet printer.

Customers can monitor the status of their code printing equipment from anywhere, diagnose faults remotely, and plan refills and reorders by viewing ink usage.

For example, if the ink level reaches a warning level (which can be acted upon before shutting down), they can set an alarm on the printer, which can greatly improve the life of the automatic coding.

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