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What are the advantages of laser marking machine in medical device application? -

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26
The key components of each medical device are partially labeled. The label provides a record of where the work was made and can assist in tracking it in the future. The label usually includes the manufacturer, consumer extension, and the device's own identification. All medical device manufacturers must mark permanent traceability marks on their products, including product safety and responsibility. The world's medical device regulations require devices and manufacturers to stop marking through labels. Labels must be provided in a human-friendly format, but they can be supplemented by machine replacement information. Almost all types of medical products must be labeled, including implants, surgical instruments and disposable products, including cannulas, catheters and hoses.

Fiber laser marking is a suitable technology for marking on defect-free equipment. Fiber laser-marked products can be properly identified and tracked throughout their life cycle, thereby improving patient safety, simplifying product recalls and improving market research. Laser marking is suitable for identifying marks on medical devices such as orthopedic surgical implants, medical supplies and other medical devices. Because the marks can resist corrosion and undergo intense sterilization processes, including centrifugation and centrifugation that require high temperatures to obtain a sterile appearance Autoclaving process.

Fiber laser marking is an alternative to etching or carving, both of which will change the microstructure of the data and may cause changes in strength and hardness. Because fiber laser marking is a non-contact type of carving, and the working speed is very fast, so the parts do not need to accept the pressure and possible damage that may be formed by other marking processing plans. 'Grows' a dense cohesive oxide coating on the surface; no condensation is required. The government guidelines for the Unique Device Identification (UDI) of all medical devices, implanted tools and instruments define eternal, clear and correct marks. Although the logo improves patient safety by reducing medical errors, provides access to relevant data, and promotes device traceability, it is also used to combat impersonation and cunning behavior. Impersonation is a multi-billion dollar market. Optical fiber provides UDI to identify the manufacturer, product period and serial number, which helps to combat counterfeiting suppliers. Counterfeit equipment and medicines are usually sold at low prices, but the quality is questionable. This will put patients at risk and will affect the end of the original manufacturer's brand.
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