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What are the advantages of laser printers in the wire and cable industry?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-28

Wires and cables are widely used in construction engineering, national defense construction, electric power chemical industry and other construction fields. Due to the wide variety of wires and cables, in order to be easily distinguished during production and installation, corresponding marks must be made on the surface of the wires and cables, such as origin, manufacturer, and product information. Laser printers have gradually replaced traditional printers and have become the first choice of wire and cable manufacturers. So what are the advantages of laser printers in the wire and cable industry? 1. Convenient operation The laser printing machine is controlled by computer software and can be used after simple training. It can realize automatic feeding and automatic labeling, saving labor costs.

2. Permanent marking laser printing machine uses the principle of converting light energy into heat energy to ablate the surface of the workpiece to form a mark. It is a permanent trademark and can resist counterfeiting by some illegal companies. , Counterfeiting and cross-product issues. 3. Exquisite processing The laser processing precision is high. Software drawing can quickly draw and generate various texts and graphics, can realize the fine marking of products, effectively reduce the defective rate of wire and cable products, and play an important role in improving the quality of wires and cables. 4. Safety and environmental protection No additives are required, and only a small amount of smoke and dust are produced. These smoke and dust are absorbed by the smoke and dust purifier for the first time, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements.

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