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What are the advantages of thermal inkjet printer inkjet printing technology?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02
High-resolution, high-quality, anti-wiping labels are the key to ready-to-eat food and convenience food packaging. More and more manufacturers choose thermal foam cij printers to label products. What are the advantages of thermal foam inkjet printers that are widely used in inkjet printing technology? 1. High-quality thermal foam cij printer with high-definition printing effect, resolution up to 600dpi;

2. High-speed thermal foam cij printer is one of the most efficient inkjet solutions today, easy on high-speed production lines Complete high-quality coding work. TIJ equipment has a short startup time and requires minimal equipment maintenance;

3. TIJ's water-based or ethanol-based inks can be used in food production environments. Like the types of foods, there are many food packaging materials. Variety. TIJ’s flexibility is also reflected in the printing content. Hundreds of nozzles distributed on each nozzle can easily complete the printing of graphics, QR codes, matrix QR codes, barcodes, etc.; 4. TIJ-compliant water Base or ethanol-based inks can be used in the food production environment. After printing tests on a variety of substrates, the applicable material range has been broadened, suitable for packaging materials used in instant foods and convenience foods; 5. Anti-wiping food industry traceability The most important thing is that the code identification plays a key role. TIJ ink can be perfectly combined with the packaging material to effectively prevent damage during transportation and logistics operations and keep the identification always clear and readable; 6. Easy to integrate TIJ equipment is simple to operate, It can be easily integrated with existing technology and quickly enter the state of high-speed production. Thermal foaming inkjet printing technology has obvious advantages, but in practical applications, due to its principle, the distance between the nozzle and the substrate is within 5mm, so it is mainly used on the surface of regular objects. For irregular product identification, Oulang Si recommends using a non-contact small character cij printer to complete.
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