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What are the advantages of UV inkjet printer printing two-dimensional code

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-08

UV cij printer is a new type of inkjet equipment developed in recent years. Because of its ink characteristics, it is favored by manufacturers in various application industries. UV cij printer ink The inkjet printing can be dried and cured immediately after being irradiated by the ultraviolet curing lamp, with good stability, and can realize inkjet marking on various materials.

UV cij printers can print various data, including barcodes, QR codes, date and time, counters, LOGO, graphics, tables, databases, etc., which are widely used in food , Pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, label printing, card making, packaging and printing, medical, electronics, hardware and other industries.

What are the advantages of using UV inkjet printers to print QR codes:

①The second part of UV cij printers The resolution of the dimension code is high, and the scanning recognition rate reaches 100%;

②The UV cij printer can print variable data in real time, and can continuously print different two-dimensional codes (one object One code);

③It can print two-dimensional codes on a variety of materials, which has the characteristics of anti-transfer, alcohol-resistant, and abrasion-resistant;

④No external air source and thinner need to be added, the ink is environmentally friendly, and the printing effect is bumpy;

⑤The printing speed is fast and can It can reach 100-150 meters per minute and can be applied to fully automatic production lines.

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