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What are the applications of inkjet printers in food packaging?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30

Food packaging refers to the packaging process of food that is in direct contact with food or is used to package food from food production to distribution to the final delivery to consumers. This kind of packaging is used to protect food from external influences, alterations, contamination and adulteration. No matter which type of packaging is used, each packaging must have a clear product identification, date and batch, so that it can be tracked throughout the production and sales process. Which cij printers are suitable for food labeling? There are a variety of packaging marking systems available, including small character cij printers, thermal foam cij printers, thermal transfer printers and laser printers. Multiple identification systems ensure that equipment that matches various packaging environments, packaging materials and ink types (if ink-based systems is used) is provided to identify high-quality codes on products and packaging.

The health department usually describes packaging as a container for storing, transporting, and handling food. Although the main purpose of packaging is to protect and preserve the product, it also contains important coding information, such as shelf life, production date, batch number, and nutritional content. These warnings and product information may be partially printed on the packaging, or may be printed on the packaging during secondary operations using printing and marking equipment after filling, or contained on the label. After years of development, food packaging also plays an important role in the food industry. Food packaging on retail shelves provides print brand marketing information, as well as print content such as detailed information on ingredients and health benefits to attract consumers to buy the product. For consumers, similar information often helps to build continued brand loyalty, leading to repeated purchases.

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