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What are the applications of inkjet printers in the disinfectant industry?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-30

As people pay more and more attention to epidemic protection, many people choose to wear masks and purchase some disinfectant for spray disinfection. When we purchase protective materials, the inkjet printer gives the product a clear and beautiful identity mark, including the production date. , shelf life, validity period, production batch (batch number), origin, brand, traceable QR code, barcode, etc. Disinfectant production enterprises will be equipped with small character cij printers, which can realize non-contact product coding at a long distance. There are a wide variety of disinfectant products, and the small character inkjet printer can let buyers quickly understand the product characteristics through Leadtech Coding or some product feature descriptions. For example, the usage and precautions of products such as 84 disinfectant and 75% concentration of medical alcohol are important information that consumers need to quickly understand after purchasing, so as to reduce some potential safety hazards and achieve correct use.

As a new type of marking equipment, laser cij printers include carbon dioxide laser machines, fiber laser machines, and UV ultraviolet laser machines. They can deal with commodities of various materials, and can be used on boxed and bottled disinfectants to form permanent non-tampering. logo. The logo has been accompanied by the product packaging and cannot be changed, which can realize product anti-counterfeiting. Manufacturers of large-scale production of disinfectant can use laser machines, which will actually be a method to reduce costs and achieve products that stand out among similar products. The laser cij printer does not require maintenance in the later stage, and there is no consumption of consumables such as ink, which is suitable for large-scale and continuous production companies.

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