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What are the aspects of the intelligence of the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27
The cij industrial inkjet printer industry is more and more widely used. It is precisely in the production and life that cij printers are often used. We have also found many problems that need to be improved. In order to better serve users, inkjet printer manufacturers will promptly report to users. The problem is studied, and great efforts have been made in the research and development of new cij printers. The cij printer manufacturer believes that a good inkjet industrial inkjet printer that can provide users with satisfactory services should have the following characteristics: 1. Clear Chinese icons, so that the beginning Scholars are easy to use and can operate the machine independently without training.

2. Various status indicators and automatic error reporting functions to help shorten troubleshooting time.

Good stability 1. Intelligent ink cartridge recognition technology can reduce downtime caused by incorrectly using different brands of ink. 2. The nozzle voltage release technology greatly reduces the damage of the nozzle (50% longer than the life of the nozzle of similar cij printers) 3. The nozzle cover protection technology solves the problem of nozzle blockage without using for a short time, and does not affect the customer's production line at all run. 4. Long-term shutdown and storage system. In the case of a long-term shutdown of the customer, the system can be used to protect the nozzles from clogging, and the validity period is more than 1 year. Parts
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