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What are the bar code label printing methods and advantages

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29

Barcode label printing method  

For barcode printers, the printing method is determined according to the requirements of the barcode label paper. There are many bar code label papers that must be able to withstand the test of time, long-term unchanged, text must be stored for a long time, not faded, not worn due to contact with solvents, not deformed due to high temperature, etc., so it is necessary to use a special material Barcode printing media and printing materials to ensure these characteristics, the general inkjet printing technology can not achieve, laser barcode printing can not be achieved, and the effect of needle punching and the original design can not meet the requirements, so the emergence of thermal transfer technology . Yuan Jingda’s self-adhesive simply talks about thermal transfer technology. Simply put, it uses a special ribbon to heat the toner coating on the ribbon through a working principle similar to that of a fax machine’s print head. Printed on paper or other types of materials, because the coating material on the ribbon can be selected according to needs, it produces strong adhesion, and the choice of barcode printing media can better ensure that the printed handwriting is not affected by external influences. Influence. The heating process, how to heat, can be handed over to the computer to control. Since a variety of software has been developed specifically for printing barcode labels, it can be said to be very convenient for users, especially general Barcode labels must generate barcodes, and the generation of barcode symbols has therefore become an indispensable tool for such software.


The general barcode label printer design is usually designed for the size of A4 paper. In order to print barcode labels on such paper, some people have to order separately, which is very different. Economical, and, for factories, sometimes they have to print thousands of sheets in an hour. These existing printers on the market can't do it. Therefore, they designed a device that can print quickly and continuously for small paper. The printer came into being. Taking the common ARGOX printer on the market, it can print up to 10 meters in length per minute. If a barcode label is 2 cm high, it can print 500 sheets per minute. The dedicated barcode label printer is not only that, it is also tailored to the needs of the factory. It can be combined with a scanner or keyboard and can be operated independently. It does not necessarily need a personal computer to operate. Just like a photo printer, it can directly read data without Relying on computers again saves additional investment in factories.


Barcode label advantages


fast speed


and keyboard input In comparison, the bar code input speed is 5 times that of keyboard input, and can realize 'instant data input'.


High reliability


The error rate of keyboard input data is 1%, using optical character recognition technology. It is one in ten thousand, and the error rate of using bar code technology is less than one in one million.


Large amount of information


Using traditional one-dimensional bar code, it can collect dozens of characters of information at a time, two-dimensional bar code It can also carry thousands of characters of information, and has a certain automatic error correction capability.


Flexible and practical


Barcode label can be used alone as a means of identification, or it can be combined with related identification equipment to form a system To realize automatic identification, it can also be connected with other control equipment to realize automatic management.

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