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What are the benefits of printer marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-17
In our daily life, we can find that the items around us have ink-jet printing on the surface, such as production date, product specification parameters, etc., so why do products need to be marked with cij printers? what is the benefit? 1) Conducive to product identification. By marking unique logos, brand names and trademark patterns on the products. 2) The need for product tracking and recording. The batch number, shift or production date of the product is directly printed on the product. 3) Prevent counterfeiting. Manufacturers can often prevent and suppress counterfeiting by marking products. 4) Increase the added value of the product. Marking the trademark or the name of the manufacturer on the plastic pipe means a promise. 5) Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. are used in many industries such as food, beverage, building materials, wire and cable, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, etc.
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