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What are the characteristics of laser processing?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-12

Light has energy (heat energy), but the heat energy obtained from natural light is limited. Therefore, people invented the laser. Compared with other energy processing, laser processing has the following characteristics:

1. Directivity

The laser has the ability to emit light in the same direction, the light is not easy to spread, the divergence angle of the laser beam is very small, it is almost a parallel light, when the laser irradiates the moon, the diameter of the spot formed is only about 1 km, while the general light direction Lighting in different directions, in order to concentrate ordinary light in a certain direction, a concentrator is often used, even the best searchlight, if its light is projected on the moon, the diameter of the spot will expand to more than 1000~z}. .

2. Good monochromaticity

The photons emitted by ordinary light sources are different in frequency, so Contains various colors. The frequency of each photon emitted by the laser is the same, so the laser is the best monochromatic light source. Since the biological effects of light are strongly dependent on the wavelength of light, the monochromaticity of lasers has an important application in clinical selective therapy.

3. Good interference

Because the photons of the stimulated radiation are consistent in phase, coupled with the resonant cavity The mode selection effect of the laser beam makes a fixed phase relationship between the points on the cross section of the laser beam, so the spatial coherence of the laser is very good (the ordinary light generated by spontaneous emission is incoherent light). Lasers provide us with the best coherent light source. It is precisely because of the advent of lasers that coherent technology has developed by leaps and bounds, and holographic technology has been realized.

4. Energy concentration

Because the directivity is clear, the photoelectricity is easy to aggregate and combine, so the energy concentration is high. In general, the energy of light will decrease as the light progresses. The brightness of the laser can be 1012-1019 times higher than that of the ordinary light source, and it is the brightest light source at present. The strong laser can even generate a high temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees. The high energy of the laser is one of the most valuable basic characteristics to ensure the effective clinical treatment of laser. The high energy of the laser can also be used in the laser processing industry and the defense industry.

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