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What are the characteristics of the carton packaging inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-29
Today’s product packaging requires the printing of dates, batch numbers, barcodes and other markings. Of course, modern high-tech equipment is used to complete these printing tasks, that is, cij printers specially used for printing signs. In different industry fields, cij printers have different classifications. The carton packaging inkjet printer is used to print content on the carton packaging. What is so good about this equipment? The packaging box is a joint venture used to package products. Of course, carton packaging uses materials such as paper boxes. The content can be printed on the paper boxes. Ink and laser printers are available. The small character inkjet printer can print on the surface of many different materials such as paper, metal, wood, etc., and achieve good printing results. The laser printing machine can burn the printed packaging box with laser at high temperature, and form text, number or pattern marks on the packaging. The carton packaging inkjet industrial inkjet printer includes laser type and ink type. Which type to choose for specific printing is determined according to the actual printing needs of users. However, the carton packaging printing is indeed very good. The production date, batch number, barcode, etc. should be printed on the packaging box. The packaging box cij industrial inkjet printer should achieve dot matrix printing and physical printing, including the conversion of large and small characters, so that it is more traceable and anti-counterfeiting , Fleeing goods and other functions. The use of cij printers can be controlled by computer software. After the computer is connected to the device, various numbers or barcodes can be printed according to the device's custom data. Of course, you can also edit and modify the date, batch number and other variable data for better preservation. Choosing a high-quality carton packaging inkjet industrial inkjet printer can greatly save the cost of consumables, and the equipment runs stably, and there is no problem in printing for multiple hours.
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