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What are the characteristics of the carton packaging inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-18

Today's product packaging will require printing with date, batch number, barcode and other markings. To complete these printing tasks, of course, use a special inkjet printer for printing logos. In different industries, cij printers are classified differently. The carton packaging inkjet printer is used to print the content on the carton packaging. What is the advantage of this equipment? The packaging box is a joint venture used to package products. Of course, the carton packaging is made of materials such as carton. The content can be printed on the carton, and ink and laser printers are available. The ink-based small character inkjet printer can print on the surface of many different materials such as paper, metal, wood, etc., and can achieve good printing results. The laser inkjet printer can burn the printed packaging box with laser high temperature, and form marks of characters, numbers or patterns on the packaging. The carton packaging inkjet printer includes lasers and inks. The specific type of inkjet printing to be used is determined according to the actual printing needs of the user. But the carton packaging printing is really good.

The production date, batch number, barcode, etc. should be printed on the packaging box. The packaging box cij printer should realize dot matrix printing and solid character printing, including the conversion of large and small characters, so as to be more traceable and anti-counterfeiting. , Anti-smuggling and other functions. The printer can be controlled by computer software. After the computer is connected to the device, it can print various numbers or barcodes according to the customized data of the device. Of course, you can also edit and revise the variable data such as date and batch number for better preservation. The selection of high-quality carton packaging inkjet printers can greatly save the cost of consumables, the equipment runs stably, and there is no problem in printing for many hours.

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