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What are the characteristics of wire and cable inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

In today's rapid economic development, cable manufacturers of different sizes have varying quality of cables due to their scale, capital and technology. have been widely used in the wire and cable industry. Various specifications and sizes of cable products are printed with factory name, logo number and other information. Wire and cable cij printers can not only meet the general identification requirements, but also have stable operation quality and The high-definition inkjet code meets the requirements for clear, durable, and easily distinguishable wires and cables. The wire and cable cij printer meets the standards of the wire and cable industry and the requirements of special applications; it is suitable for printing on high-speed production lines; the special ink makes the coding will not wear and fade when the cable is wound; the printed characters are the smallest Up to 0.8 mm, to meet the printing requirements of tiny information; it can print various complex graphics or factory logos and standard certifications, such as TUV, UL, CE, etc.; it can be connected with other electronic equipment, such as wire reels, cutting machines, scales Heavy instrument, etc., can also be linked to the factory's automated management system; it can print different colors or opaque ink on the surface of products or parts of different materials; automatic meter counting function, continuous and instant printing information, does not affect the continuity of the entire production process Operational use. The wire and cable inkjet printer has the following advantages in use: 1. Quickly identify the wire and cable inkjet printer to print clear product specifications and factory logos on the wires and cables, which can quickly identify the regular brand, and the logo is not easy to wear and can be guaranteed Persistence in transportation and handling.

2. Comply with national standards. At present, the industry requires wire and cable manufacturers to indicate the origin, specifications, manufacturers and other information on the product packaging or outer box, and the wire and cable inkjet printer can meet its requirements , To ensure that products meet industry standards in terms of market sales and export. 3. Reduce production costs. Wire and cable coding technology can effectively reduce downtime in the production process and reduce the work intensity of personnel. Product identification is directly carried out during the production process, which speeds up the classification and circulation of products, saves production time, and makes the product flow to the market cycle shorter . In addition, the accurate identification of wire and cable cij printers is a kind of brand recognition and a sign of confidence in users' long-term safe use. It is an important means for manufacturers to improve their brand image and establish a good identification image and product appearance.

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