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What are the common faults of laser marking machine manufacturers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-23

Now more and more companies are buying laser marking machines. When purchasing products from laser marking machine manufacturers, you also need to consult about faults and solutions. Today Laser marking machine manufacturers introduce the common faults of laser marking machines and their solutions for reference.

1. The logo pattern is not clear. When many friends use the laser marking machine, they find that the marked pattern is not very clear. This is mainly to consider the setting of the molding pressure. The setting of the molding pressure should consider the type of holographic material, the molding temperature or the situation of the molding layout. The image is not very clear or complete. The manufacturer of the laser marking machine recommends that you must choose the appropriate molding pressure. After the molding starts, let the pressure inside the drum increase slowly and evenly.

2. The logo pattern is unclear. If this happens, the laser marking machine manufacturer recommends that you check whether the thickness of the lower molding layout is uniform, whether the molding pressure is too small, whether the temperature is very low, and whether the accuracy of the marking machine has decreased. The error of the layout thickness should be controlled within a small range, and the hardness should also be kept within the specified range. The hologram is formed by applying a certain pressure to the printing roller, so that interference fringes can be formed. If the hardness of the printing roller is not enough, the layout will be deformed or damaged during the extrusion process of the printing roller.

When you use the laser marking machine, if you encounter such a problem, you can follow the above method to Do check and fix. If it is found that the logo pattern of the laser marking machine is white, then it is necessary to check whether the lower molding temperature is too high, whether the molding is too slow, etc.; if the logo pattern is found to be clear and blurred, then it is necessary to look at the hot-pressed parts. Is the temperature distribution uneven? If in doubt, you can consult the laser marking machine manufacturer.

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