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What are the common problems of handheld inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-01
As the use time grows, we have to face a problem, that is, the problem of hand-held cij printer repair and maintenance. Today the manufacturer will share with you the common faults and maintenance problems of hand-held portable cij printers. First of all, the battery life of the handheld inkjet printer faces the inevitable battery life problem of the handheld inkjet printer. Faced with the natural loss of the battery during use, we will have a variety of solutions, such as spare 2-3 batteries, so It can effectively solve the problem of hand-held inkjet printer battery life. Secondly, the ink cartridge problem of the handheld printer. According to the type of ink, there are two types of slow-drying ink cartridges, fast-drying ink, which are suitable for products of different materials, and slow-drying ink is more suitable for some materials with better surface permeability. Finally, the above is the description of the common problems of the handheld cij printer. I hope it will help and understand you in the process of using it, and you can also consciously avoid these problems to trouble your work.
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