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What are the core accessories of the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-29

When using the inkjet printer on a daily basis, if you have a better understanding of the cij printer, it will be better for the use and maintenance of the inkjet printer. What are the core accessories of the inkjet printer? And what is the corresponding function? Understand the working principle of the inkjet printer clearly, and deepen the understanding in daily operation and use.

For small character cij printers, the power source lies in the pressure pump, which is equivalent to the engine of a car, which continuously generates pressure, allowing the ink to flow and mix in the pipeline, and let the ink be emitted from the nozzle into the recovery tank to form a cycle.

Then there is the recovery module, which mainly relies on the Venturi (the source is also the pressure pump) or the recovery pump (independently responsible for the recovery pipeline). For the application of some special inks, Qianli recommends that you use a printer with an independent recovery pump configuration. will be better.

Secondly, the pressure and viscosity detection module, no matter what kind of inkjet printer pressure and viscosity detection principle is used, should ensure the stable operation of the entire inkjet printer and not be affected by the environment, so as to ensure the quality of text printing.

There are also solenoid valves, which are equivalent to a faucet of an ink circuit system. Indicators such as sealing, response speed, and stability under long-term use conditions directly affect the service life and comprehensive performance of the entire cij printer.

The last thing I have to mention is the inkjet printer nozzle. Nowadays, whether it is an imported brand inkjet printer supplier or a domestic independent brand manufacturer, they all understand its importance and will not save costs in nozzle selection. It is an imported gemstone nozzle, which has become a standard configuration.

The inkjet printer manufacturer reminds everyone that the corresponding daily operation and maintenance of the inkjet printer can ensure the smooth operation of the factory line and prolong the life of the inkjet printer.

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